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Introducing Our On-Site Chiropractic Care Program

Improving the health of companies, and their employees, one spine at a time.

Bring The Benefits Of Chiropractic To Your Location.

Happier employees, lower healthcare costs, and increased productivity are just a phone call away.

On-site care is becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s corporate environment. It’s not just service, it’s a movement toward providing a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment.

By offering mobile services, we are in a unique position to easily provide on-site chiropractic care to your business or company.

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Program Highlights

Bringing chiropractic on-site to your location comes with some awesome benefits.
Increased Productivity

When employees feel better, they work better. Less aches and pains means your employees can get more done in less time. This equates to increased profits for you.

Decreased Healthcare Costs

Healthier, happier employees means less healthcare costs for your company. When they use their insurance less, your premiums go down, and your profits go up.


We provide care on-site at your company's location for maximum convenience. This means your employees can receive the care they need when they need it.

Improved Employee Health

Employees who feel better are more likely to participate in other health promoting activities such as exercising more, eating better, and taking part in more company/community events.

No Long Term Contracts

We understand your company's needs may change over time. This is why we never lock you into long contracts. Bring us in for a day or keep us coming back on a regular basis. The choice is yours.

On-Site Employee Education

A big part of our care includes educating employees on what caused their condition in the first place. By understanding what's causing their pain, they're more likely to avoid repeat injuries in the future.